New Zealand Association of Amateur Radio Transmitters

The association has been dedicated to radio amateurs since its foundation. The objective is to raise awareness and make the radio hobby understand and to make it accessible to all.

Introducing New Zealand’s Largest Radio Club

The New Zealand Radio Broadcaster Association (NZART) is a national association of radio amateurs.

The club was founded in 1926, hosted the first GMS in 1927 and produced the first magazine called Break-In in 1928.

The association has been dedicated to radio amateurs since its foundation. The objective is to raise awareness and make the radio hobby understand and to make it accessible to all.


In 1922, New Zealand’s first radio amateur was obtained and a radio amateur license. NZART represents the interests of licensed radio amateurs in New Zealand both nationally (via RSM) and internationally (via membership to IARU) and is a non-profit organization. (registered charity) that:

  • Promote general progress in the science and practice of radio or other related subjects.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on these issues among its members.
  • He commits to maximum freedom of action in accordance with the protection of the interests of all parties.
  • Radio amateurs are a popular pastime and popular service that relieves people, electronics and communication.
  • People who use amateur radio to chat in the city, in the world or even in space, all without the Internet or cell phones.
  • Fun, social, and educational

Membership in NZART is open to all those concerned with radio communication. The association gives you a voice on how radio amateurs are regulated in New Zealand and how they can influence the direction and policy of NZART. NZART is a member-driven organization. The national governing body (executive committee) is elected every two years at the national national level. The daily management of the association is overseen by one of our part-time employees, who is also the general secretary / commercial director of the association in Upper Hutt.

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The goals for NZART are:

  • Encourage new members of the amateur radio movement.
  • Provides advice and guidance on radio technology and operations.
  • Promote, organize and carry out actions at national and local level to achieve a high level of amateur radio skills.
  • Publication of the Official Journal.
  • Promotion of radio amateurs in the Community and in the country.
  • Represents the interests of radio amateurs.
  • With the administration responsible for radio services;
  • Monitor operating conditions for radio amateurs with other national and international authorities
  • Collaborate with the Radio Amateurs Association in other countries to promote global radio amateurs.
  • Initiates actions on international radio clauses to protect the interests of radio amateurs.
  • Arranging and provision of communication services to authorized parties as required
  • Follow the other steps that the jury believes will achieve this goal.

The NZART Radio Science Education Trust was founded in January 1998 by Radio Zealand Broadcasting.

The trust was established to help and encourage people who wish to continue their studies in radio science.

The funds generate donations and invested capital. Smart investment strategies are used to maximize profits and protect long-term assets. Donations to the OPC are financed in accordance with IRD regulations and are eligible for tax returns.


Promote and promote training in radio science, pay tuition fees to deserving candidates, award competition prices for exceptional training activities or others deemed appropriate by the curators.

Creation and maintenance of funds and full investment of capital and income for the benefit of the fund;

In general, do everything you can to promote one or more of the above.

Initially, the main function of the trust was to offer gifts ($ 100 each) to a local science and technology fair. The lack of adequate registration for these exhibitions encouraged curators to extend the scope of the approved grants to all radio training.

Depending on the objectives of the radiology training grant application, they can be carried out:

  • Prices for school exhibitions.
  • Grants for school visit projects.
  • Tuition fees for radio science students.
  • Grants for scientific projects.
  • Support for Open Radio "Buildathon" or similar youth radio programs.
  • Educational radio projects for young researchers or similar groups.
  • NZART Radio Science Education Trust grant application

Applications from schools, colleges, associations and individuals. The applications must have educational aspects of radio science, that is to say the use of electromagnetic waves or other aspects related to their production or reception. In secondary schools, science teachers donate to the NZART Radio Science Education Trust to develop projects in the general radio and / or electronics industry.

These projects must lead to registrations for local scientific and technological exhibitions. Distribution grants should not exceed $250.

Applications must be received no later than April 30 of the application year.

You can find the application forms on:

Email management (see address at the bottom of the page)

email [email protected]

See the link to the right of this website.

Applications must be approved by the Scientific Directors.

Notice to Applicants

Destination for which assistance is requested. This should briefly explain why the grant was requested and how it will be used.

Articles and column required A preliminary version of articles or articles requires the ether contained. The starting point of the device or a copy of the active price list, etc.

The southern part of the NZART Radio Science Education Trust is recognized and recognized by the public.

Applications are approved by the Scientific Director or the Scientific Director.

Le Faut Bien contains the main objective of trust grants, which aims to develop the objective of research on radio and electronic aspects.

Potential projects can be carried out in the sense that they could lead to a scientific and technological exhibition at the Fair.

At the end of the project, employees will procure all materials and / or equipment purchased with this standard grant for school buildings.

The trustees

The administrative officers of the NZART Radio Science Education Trust are members of the association, which has been in existence for a long time:

Terry Carrell ZL3QAL Christchurch

Jim ‘The Rad’ Nelson ZL2BHF

Gwynne Rowe of ZL1AR, Auckland

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