The Quebec Radio Club in Canada

Our club is fortunate to have everything we have, including the land where the lodge and tower are located. This serenity allows us to focus our energy on the interests of the club without fear of losing our place.

The Quebec Radio Club in Canada


Welcome to VE2RM. Our repeater was broadcast for the first time in the Montreal region. Our site and club is strategically located between Montreal and Ottawa and has played an important role in amateur radio since the early 1960s.

VE2RM has always played an important role in the development of radio amateurs in the region. We installed the first digipeater package from radio founder Bob Rouleau VE2PY and Norm Pearl VE2BQS. Many clubs even try to imitate our original courtesy.

Our club is fortunate to have everything we have, including the land where the lodge and tower are located. This serenity allows us to focus our energy on the interests of the club without fear of losing our place.

We appreciate your interest and hope that this photo tour will be interesting and informative. And if you are in the region, choose your repeater and say goodbye.

Minutes of the meeting of Annes Arsenal Ste. January 17, 1968: For new members VE2ADE Guy Dumais presents a complete report on the history of the club. VE2OJ Jim Ibey gave thanks to several members for helping them to set up the website and using the AM and FM repeaters. VE2AVP’s Milan Konecny reported on his audio system test work to verify the repeaters. The association has 44 members.

At this point, we would also like to pass on our thanks and appreciation for the support from the Casino de Charlevoix here in Quebec. We have been able to hold meetings at this location and enjoy reduced rates on services and food because of our regular attendance. Many of us here in the club enjoy playing casino games and some online, from roulette to poker and even a few of the slot machines. We use ready online casinos’ lists or we go directly on the website that we know. Usefull guide for the beginners you may find here:

The Casino de Charlevoix Radio Meetings take place every Tuesday and Thursday, if you are interested in joining then come find us propped up at the bar or on one of the many gaming tables inside.

From October 8 at the Seville Motel with 30 members and guests:

After a long discussion at the next meeting, VE2AVP asked Milan to vote with confidence. Glen Bainn’s VE2BGK supports this proposal. It turned out that the secretary and the treasurer had sent a “resignation letter” to the president. You vote for it and the president wins it. VE2CK Tom (President) has resigned. VE2AUD Dave (V-P) organized elections to replace the missing executives. Larry Dobby is elected president, secretary, VE2ADE Guy, VE2AVP Milan treasurer. VE2AVP will report on the progress of the new antenna currently under construction and will offer to buy a floor next to the repeater. It was decided to make a decision at the next meeting.

November 68 68 screenings:

VE2ADE thanks VE2ALE Joe for his exceptional work, which was renewed on November 12 to restore the buildings. VE2OK Ray Lavoie presented his report on the steps taken by the club to join the club. VE2CU Rolly moved and VE2EV John Sweeney stated that the name of our company was VE2RM Inc. and that the minutes of the previous meeting had become a motion of censure. Both proposals were adopted. VE2BU Bruce said he had purchased 1 lot and 2 lots next to Monti. Rigaud on behalf of the club until the club can reimburse you.

The Radio Club VHF-UHF, L’Ouest du Québec, is located in Mont Rigaud. This location includes newly constructed buildings in heavily wooded areas. The interior of the building will soon be completed, as it is clear that two main rooms have been designed. One house tests the equipment, while the other is used for competitions and small social gatherings. The repeater antenna system, supported by a 30-meter tower, which is almost but not completely hidden in the lush green trees. The latest edition has 65 VE2RM members. Contributions, donations and other income are sufficient to cover all operating costs.

The club was born from FM activities on Mount Rigaud by Jack Unsworth, Dave Davidson and Fraser Sypher. On the hill, several QSO and forward-looking comrades interested Cam Campbell in installing a repeater for communication in his chalet between 16 Island Lake and Montreal. This is how the VHF UHF officers of Radio Club Ouest du Québec were trained in January 1967:

President - VE2OJ (Jim Ibey)

Vice President - Current - VE2ALE (Jacj Unsworth)

Secretary - VE2CK (Tom Cunningham)

Treasurer - VE2BU (Dave Davidson)

Unfortunately, Campbell died shortly after the club was officially founded and did not see the repeater get to work.

In April 1967, the VE2RM was introduced with the Canadian Marconi repeater supplied by Joe Duncan’s VE2DB. The antennas were installed in a tower whose wooden structure has been preserved near the current location. Since then, the operation has continued with one exception; The lighting took place on July 3, 1968 and the station was closed for 24 hours.

Many improvements have been made to the original position and, of course, many problems have had to be resolved. Many colder combinations were tested before deciding to use the folded vertical mesh dipoles of VE2JO Al Smardon. UHF connections are used as additional 42K.9 slave repeaters and for expandedcontrol functions. One of these links to slave repeaters and the VE2CRA website provides access and coverage to the Ottawa area. They plan to expand the VE2RM area with the same technology. One of the most interesting features of the system is the control panel created by VE2AVP. It contains a CW label for a network of diodes, a tree timer (adjustable) and many functions available on the remote control. More than 60 functions are currently in progress and the capacity could be increased if further revisions were necessary.

The club recently joined AMSAT. Plans are being developed to track future satellites with automatic antennas and a remote control.

The VE2RM Club has been a success thanks to the great interest and participation of its members and we wish them every success in their future efforts.

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