CTARC – Achievements from a Radio Ham! - Jan '20

The largest radio club in South Africa, the Cape Town Amateur Radio Club share with us their most proudest achievement through one of their long-standing member Brent. His is their memo detailing the finding Brent achieved between the years of 1947 and 2019.

Brent 1.BBC1AU

Former CTARC member Brent 1.BBC1AU recently sent us a list of his many successes in the Rádio Amador region. Details below …

Operation and results of the 1.BBC1AU

From 1947 to January 2019:

First mobile phone / continent of the Continental Barney Joel Trophy 1973;

The first digital sound in the southern hemisphere, HF, in August 2004 at 20 m / 15 m / 10 m;

First and only WAZL award.

Over 1,000 ZL works;

First Prize Garden City - Christchurch NZ;

Above all, the Calgary Stampede VE6 Award;

Another ZS1 that made the DXCC honors list in 2011;

The first ZS1 with DXCC no. I did it. 1 in the 2014 honor roll series;

ZS produced a fourth head table of approx. 1 DXCC;

The first ZS that assigns the unit ID DXCC no. I did it. 360 in 2018;

The first sent RF modulated CFs to CW Air Class in 1960. ZS1PF and ZS1YP at 12 words per Minute;

In 1960, he won the TED BAKER Rally Award organized by the CTARC;

Winner of Division 1 of the SSB SSL 1989 competition;

Len Wells Ham Spirit Trophy 2007, manufacturer CTARC;

Winner of the 1961 Cellule SARL Competition;

Vice-Chairman of the SARL’s Annual Travel Competitions Department in 1962;

Finalist at the CW 80m / 40m / 20m annual competition in 1968;

Competition for the highest price of the Joseph White Band of 20M SARL in 1958, 1959 and 1967;

Lion Hunt 1989, fifth in the world;

Hunt lions in the air in 1990, first in ZS, while number 1 in the world.

It was declared “without competition” due to the loss of competing newspapers in Argentina;

Certificate: first 20 meters on SSB;

SARL certificate: AAA, WAZS;

Permanent honorary member of CTARC in 2003;

Honorary member of the SARL for Life Award 2005;

Light management for services and support for 20 years in 1966;

One in five radio amateurs received officer positions at SAPWRR from 1974 to 1980;

Members and chairs of the Cape Parish Committee from 1947 to 1966;

Oakdale Club committee members (amateur radio) as vice-president from 1996 to 2008;

Awards: Gary Immelman Amateur 121 Radio Heritage Award and Gold Pen 2008;

From 1966 to 1969, he served on the board of directors of the LLC for three and a half years. Registration at head office and in branch;

Results of the DXpeditions CT1BWW, ZS1FJ, 7P8DX and 3Y0C tablets;

Station used on the SUNSAT satellite in 20002001;

Define and so far only satellite connections Chuck Brady 3Y0C at 2 meters. It is practical to contact ZS1DFR and ZS1AAZ in PARROT mode and to press SUNSAT on CT and Bouvet Island in 2001.

Operator at Robben Island DXpedition under the name of ZS64RI in 1996;

Departure and welcome organization of Chuck Brady 3Y0C after three months on Bouvet Island;

ZS1S Paul Johnson and 1.BBC1AU will host the DXPedition VK0EK on Heard Island in 2016.

ZS1S Paul Johnson and 1.BBC1AU will organize a reception for the canceled film 3Y0Z DXpedition on Bouvet Island in 2018.

Organization of special events for ZS1WPR WP Rugby 100 years station;

ZS03CWC Organization of special events Organization of the Cricket World Cup at RSA;

Take part in activities like ZS ….. MADIBA and work in more than 1000 stations.

At the Oakdale Club Committee (amateur radio), he suggested to Mark Shuttleworth that the ZS1RSA be placed on the International Space Station.

Read the newsletter of the headquarters of the LLC at heights of 40 and 20 meters on QTH in Plumstead CT for almost 10 years.

The TH-5 antenna was recovered in the pavilion of the ZS1CT during a heavy storm in Caboo which broke the Beam & Tower.

In 1984, he organized a weekend at Mont Montague, at 1600 feet above sea level, under the name of ZS1CT / P;

In the 80s I played “Voortrekker” with Bertie Reeds SA after the autopilot split and I have seen it all over the world.

In 1968, he visited the trailer for “Great Trek” under the name of 1.BBC1AU / MOBILE;

In 1971 he visited a caravan in Zimbabwe and worked for 1.BBC1AU / MOBILE / ZE;

He went to Swaziland and worked under the name of 1.BBC1AU / MOBILE / 7P8;

In 2008, we built and organized 3 TELREX beams, 20 meters with five elements, 15 meters with 5 elements and 10 meters with 6 elements 30 meters from the Oakdale tower.

Built and developed radio connection for Gold Reef City Casino. Brent formed the security connection for the casino staff and management that was off any other band so could not be tapped into. Brent went on to play free games of roulette and some slot machines as a payment.

His casino development introduced new features to the Radio platform, introducing a UV.112 bulb instead of a .10023, there were many other connection changes which is a secret.

I also participated in two invitations to MAYDAY: the Russian rescue vessel that ran aground off the coast of Australia;

The second MAYDAY call is at midnight because the ZS1ANT RSA base station requests assistance in the United States. A member of the Antarctic team was seriously injured and required emergency medical care. Unfortunately, the person died early the next morning;

I received a thank you letter from the Department of Transport for the warning of a large power plant in a SANAE base.

Participation in various AGL SARLs:West London, Pretoria, Cape Town , Stellenbosch and Durban;

He participated in JOTA operations at home and in many other places, such as B. ZS1CT / P and in the Bergvliet and Zandvlei scout camps.

The departure of the 20 km cruise ship, Robert ZS1FF, will be received by the cancelled team of DXpedition Bouvet Island in 2018 at the port of Cape Town.

In 1960, we built a full cell phone transceiver and a central charging station in Hillman in 1954 and operated the DX and many government stations within 20 meters and in South America 40 meters with a 50 watt AM.

The first special ZL beam of 15 m is produced in-house and with a rotation device;

First contact with VK more than 15 meters in 1952;

I designed and built a 15 m tower which has been operating since 1980.

I played with RTTY, SSTV and made a Morse and an error key.

It includes many components for repairing headsets for telephone microphones and voice compressors.

I do most repairs if there is a problem come speak to me.

Magnificent Brent! Inspiration for everyone

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